My name is Ingrid and I live in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. I have two children ages 12 and 17, a husband and a frenchie. I am BCRPA qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach. My passion is to help other women to reach their fitness goals!


I was born and raised in a small town in east Slovakia. As a child I always had a passion for sports and active living. I loved volleyball, soccer, swimming, skating and more. I moved to Canada in 1996 at the age of 20. During my first year in Canada I signed up for a gym membership and I fell in love with weight training. I participated in many aerobic classes and tried to figure out the best way to train with weights. I studied it as much as I could.


As a young girl I had trouble putting weight on, and regular weight training helped me gain muscle and shape up my body. What I liked the most about training was the way it made me feel both physically and mentally. In 2002 I decided to pursue a career in what I truly loved and I became a personal trainer.


Over the years I helped to transform the lives of many people. I trained both women and men, taught corporate bootcamps, ran group training classes, cycling classes and conditioning classes for children's soccer teams.

Nowadays my focus is to empower and educate women about the amazing benefits of regular physical activity and healthy nutrition. I stress the importance of resistance training in women. Many women perform cardio only and avoid weights at all cost. I want to show them the benefits of resistance training on woman's body.

I constantly see how people struggle to fit exercise into their life, especially mothers. They are constantly distracted, taking care of everyone around them and barely having any time to think about themselves. But there is always a way to add fitness to your life, which will make you healthier and happier. You will then become more focused, your thinking becomes clearer and you will better recognize what is important in your life and what is not. Exercise will help you manage stress better, and your mood and sleep will become better as well. The benefits of exercise are endless.


I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety after both of my children. Exercise together with a proper nutrition had a huge impact on my recovery. Dealing with postpartum depression made me become a stronger person, and made me appreciate the little things in life we take for granted. Everyday I see how people take the most important thing in life for granted, their health! Our modern world is designed to encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Everything is made to make our lives easier. Some people are glued to their chairs all day long. Combination of inactivity and unhealthy processed diets  are the reason we are  now faced with epidemic of obesity, diabetes, cancers, strokes, heart problems, depression and more.

Up to this day, exercise makes me feel amazing! If I step back from healthy eating and exercising ( yes, it happens to me too!), Is top functioning at my fullest potential. I try to balance family and work as much as possible but it's not always easy. If my energy drops, my motivation starts lacking, my productivity goes down and my happiness goes down. I become grumpy and everyone gets affected. Especially my husband, lol! I believe it is important for everyone to first take care of themselves so we can give more to others and become better at what we do. The key is to be happy with yourself. If you are not happy with yourself you cannot be happy with anyone else.

In order to get yourself into shape, you don't have to suffer at the gym and starve yourself. The goal is to eat real-nutrient dense foods, train smart and to create a metabolism that efficiently burns calories all day long. Let me teach you what training smart means, how to eat right for your goals, and how to make this whole process enjoyable. I will teach you strategies that you can use for the rest of your life!





Over the last 10 years I had an opportunity to compete in figure, fitness model and bikini competitions. I was lucky to win 1st place at Western Canadian Bikini Show and then compete at the Provincials and Nationals. I loved the whole process for getting competition ready. Competing gave me the focus and determination to be 100% disciplined.


BCRPA Personal Trainer

Sport Nutrition Specialist

Pre and Post Natal Certification

Youth Fitness Certification

Indoor Cycling

Crossfit Level 1