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I am extremely proud of my client for getting the results she was going after.

She was able to change her lifestyle by incorporating healthy eating and exercise into her overpacked schedule.

This is what she wrote:

I went from 56kg to 78kg during my pregnancy 8 years ago and I was not able to get my weight down since then.

I was dreaming about having a nice body again, mainly during summer when I found myself feeling ashamed to wear swimsuit. I convinced myself that I was too busy to change this. I worked full time, commuted to work 2 hours a day and my work required me to travel often.

I have a daughter and husband who need my attention, and a farm with horses and garden to take care of.

I tried to eat less to lose weight, but it did not work. I was not eating in the mornings, hardly ate any lunches, and I was ending up too hungry for dinner. Dinner was my main meal of the day. I did not exercise at all,  I was just riding horses during the season on the weekends, and did some gardening.

My very good friend and collegue Peter inspired me how he was able to lose 20kg in 6 months from Jan to June 2015. He felt and looked great, he made great progress. I was so motivated by him. I wanted the same. He recommended Ingrid to me.

I contacted Ingrid online ( I live in Europe and she lives in Canada). She explained to me everything in details, what was realistic and what to expect and she created a individual nutrition and exercise plan for me. She ordered me to eat more, which was a big surprise to me. I started my plan on June 30,2015. I did exactly what she asked me to do. I trusted her that she knew best what to do. And in my life, in everything I do, I believe that the results can only come if we are consistent and disciplined. I knew I needed to change my habits, and I knew it was going to be hard work. My goal was to become a  hot chick in one year.

First days were hard mainly to stick with eating. I had to change my shopping list, recipes, I had to start prepping my meals daily. And then I realized it wasn’t as hard as it seemed  in the beginning.

Exercising started slower, my first day at the gym was walking for 10 minutes on the treadmill. Slowly I was adding more and more.

I was traveling to business trips often and I had to make sure that I was getting my workouts done. I did whatever I could.

Ingrid provided me with regular and kind support. From the beginning it was every day consultation of what was going ok, what was not, nutrition questions, workout questions. Ingrid helped me to find suitable food choices for me and I started measuring my meals. She encouraged me when I needed it, she supported me all the time and she believed in me. She managed my expectations on how we would proceed. She understood my feelings and paid attention to keep me motivated.

Ingrid is a great life coach and nutrition adviser. I realized that if I wanted to be successful I needed to get a trainer in the gym and Ingrid agreed with that.  I needed him to explain me proper techniques, as I had no clue. I needed to know that someone was waiting for me to come to the session.  I was also glad to speak to someone regarding of exercise and nutrition. Ingrid and my trainer spoke together a few times about my progress. In the first 3 months I lost 10kg and in less then 11 months I achieved my goal to weigh under 60kg.

I feel great, my body is nicely shaped and I went from L/XL to S/M size ( european 44/46 to 36/38).

I am continuing with workouts and eating healthy with occasional treats. I also inspired other people to start eating healthy and change their lifestyle.

Real life examples are strong inspirations.

Since November I didn’t have to prepare my meals on my working days anymore, which became big help for me. In our ” change team ” is our new team member , Nada, who is cooking for us healthy meals at home based on macros we need, and delivers meals to the office. What a nice synergy I perceive as a new lifestyle.






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