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Check Your Posture

You can look much leaner by simply just standing up straight and avoid slouching. Imagine that a string coming from the top of your head is puling you gently up towards the ceiling. And there you go, you already look leaner and more confident!

Perform Exercises In Slow, Controlled Motion

To get the most out of any ab exercise, you should focus on feeling the contraction of the muscle you are targeting. Going slowly increases the intensity of contraction.

There is no need to do hundreds of crunches! Avoid going too fast and using the momentum.

Keep your neck, head and shoulders in alignment while training your abs to prevent injuries to your neck. Avoid holding your breath during exercises.

How Is Your Diet?

Unfortunately, unless you are genetically gifted, lean midsection is combination of good nutrition and abdominal training. It’s too bad but we cannot spot reduce! Abdominal exercises do nothing to eliminate excess body fat around your waist. What you actually need to do is burn more calories than you take in.

Start With Simple, Basic Exercises

Doing too much too soon can lead to ineffective training or even injury. Focus first on basic moves to develop proper strength and coordination before advancing to more advanced exercises.

I usually start my clients on 3 exercises. One that targets the entire core, then one to target rectus abdominals, lower or upper, and then obliques. Depending on their posture, if they are slouching too much I avoid crunches completely. Usually its 8-15reps that we start at; 1-2 sets, increasing sets to 3 over several weeks; 1-3x a week.

The good news is that you train your core muscles by doing other exercises as well or just standing properly and activating your abs.

It’s important that you train lower back muscles as well by doing exercises like back extension, superman or deadlifts. Lower back is opposite muscle and needs to be trained for balance, and symmetry to avoid injuries.

First Think Strong Then Think Looking Good

Your goal is to develop strength around your core as well as flexibility to promote good posture and healthy back. That’s the most important think. When you keep this in mind you will continue training even after you reach your goal not only until you get leaner.

There Are No Fast Fixes

Doing too much too soon will not give you quicker results, only consistency and progression will.

Have fun training!

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