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My passion is to show you the amazing benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating. I truly believe that what you put in your body and how active you are has direct correlation to your health. This is why it's so important to make a decision to integrate healthy lifestyle into your daily life.

My goal is to help you develop realistic, attainable goals, and put you on right track towards a healthier lifestyle. Together we will figure out what works for your body and what what fits into your daily routine.

I find these days, with all the information at our fingertips, people are more confused than ever. There is way too much conflicting information about the best way to get in shape. It is hard to tell if given approach is science based fact or another false promise. Should you strength train or do cardio? How much protein should you be eating? Are wheat and gluten bad for you?  Should you have less fat or less carbs?

Let me take the guess work out for you, and give you the tools, direction, and support to reach your goals.



Online Coaching & In-Person Training

Customized Workout and Nutrition Plans for women of all ages, body types and fitness levels

Workouts are designed for working out anywhere, at home, at the gym, outdoors and travelling

Using bodyweight, exercise machines & devices such as weights, Bosu, TRX, medicine balls and more (depending on your goals and limitations)

Exercise videos & Recipes

Support, Accountability & Motivation



I want to lose fat, shape up my body, increase my strength

I want to tighten my glutes and my midsection

Build more muscle, strengthen my core

I want to have lean, defined & toned body

I want to see my abs & have muscle definition

have very busy schedule and I am not sure how I can fit exercise into my routine

I want to get back to shape after having a baby

I have been training regularly and I am not seeing the results I want to

I have not been active for a long time and I am not sure where to start

I am getting married, or planning a vacation and I want to look and feel amazing

I want to get myself in the best shape ever

I want to learn how to use weights correctly and learn new exercises

If you have any or all of these goals or if you just simply want to feel comfortable in your own skin and not to feel out of breath walking up the stairs, I can help you with that!




You are looking for quick fixes that promise immediate solution and rapid fat loss. The goal of this website is to help you to reach your fitness goals and create healthy lifestyle that is maintainable. Deprivation diets and quick fixes will usually only give you unhealthy short term results that  are not sustainable. It can slow down your metabolism, deprive your body of essential nutrients and weaken your immune system. Will you lose weight? Probably! Will you feel great? Nope! This lifestyle is  not maintainable, enjoyable and healthy mentally and physically.

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